Establishment and promotion of primary, middle, high and high school library, adult and women education center, vocational education center for social utility education. To arrange education for all sections of the society and share the importance of education to the people.


Health Organizing medical camps, vaccination camps etc. from time to time. To make people aware of various incurable diseases (AIDS, Malaria, Leprosy, Ghaggha, Filaria, Cholera, Kala-azar, Polio, Hemorrhoids, all types of Hematitis and Diabetes etc.) and provide as much medical care as possible. To disseminate Ayurvedic, Unani and Veda based medical practice. To arrange for hospital etc. and to make people aware of their health.

Agriculture / Environment

The institution will make every effort for development in the field of agriculture. To take various effective measures for the protection of the environment and to operate the scheme of forestry and social forestry. Also, to tell people about new techniques of agriculture. Do everything possible for the development of agriculture. For this purpose, to organize a seminar and workshop to create awareness in the public. To organize seminar and seminar from wide spread publicity program.

Rural Development

AAY social / rural development institution to make job-oriented youth and youth employment oriented in the state. Sewing, spinning, dyeing, candle making, incense making, embroidery, weaving, brocade, painting, fashion design, computers, typing: cottage industries will provide training in small scale industries, home industries and business based on vocational education. Animal husbandry (cow rearing) will reap special quality cows and dairy farming through special emphasis on dairy farming as well as poultry farming, silk worm rearing, goat rearing, bee keeping, making rabbit rearing etc. workable and others Will do business work. C) Sanyi will not do any kind of commercial work.